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McCain Likes Bombs by Courtney Pace

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Some days you wake up and don’t know where wrong met right.


When you don’t seem to have any idea where to turn.


Surrounded by eyes of mixed love and jealousy


combined with misunderstanding.


When everyone seems so miserable.


It makes you wonder,


“Why even get out of bed anymore?”


Everyone is stressing over digits in a machine


too busy to be concerned for their own health.


Some things come secondary.


Then everything else is held down by this system


that everyone admits is wrong.


It’s just they’re too afraid to stand—


afraid of those digits in the machine.


The digits that they owe.


Meanwhile the digits can’t equal


the food rotting on the grocery shelves—


or rather chemically preserved due to genetically modification.


Meanwhile scientific leaders are being made into fools and losing grants


by Royal courts in Europe for telling


the horrid truth of our corporate made diet


and it’s effects on mortality rates in test animals.


These approved tests from abroad will go onto set our standards.


Pesticides that kill our bees and other winged creatures


are being sprayed knowingly by the EPA.


But people can’t afford to house their children


going from hotel room to hotel room each week—


How would they know?


Those of us that do know are too busy working


to go about educating and too much talk


and you may lose your job.


If you are lucky enough to work full time,


the government takes out as much as your rooming fee.


The president doesn’t pay rent on the white house.


The governors don’t pay rent.


Soldiers come back torn apart inside and their families


are given the scars of living with consequences.


Our government views us as potential threats.


We are not trusted.


We do not trust.


We are fighting for scraps


in a land abundant with garbage and corn.


I have noticed that some of you are quite upset.  You look around the world at the other countries in violent revolts and are jealous.  You think that I do not care for your struggle and have turned a blind eye by encouraging you to love even those who have wronged you.  You still believe you must fight with the law enforcement. 


The law enforcement has been placed there to help you.  They are your brothers and sisters and they also see the injustices.  Your hearts are more open than they have been.  I encourage you to reach out to those who have sworn to protect you with your open hearts to their open hearts and say, “You see what they are doing to us and you know you have a soul duty to assist us in living a happy, healthy life.  Our leadership is ill and we wish them to be removed and isolated until they have healed.  We are confidant that the system can be changed with fluidity and that we are now enlightened enough to choose leaders that truly love the people.” 


I encourage the law enforcement branches and military to comply with this.  I love you all and would like to see this change of order occur in a peaceful, loving and conscious manner.  Remember that you are the light of the universe and anything you want is yours. 


Joti jot,



I, White Buffalo Calf Woman, have been going to my awakening pleiadian star children/brothers/sisters (star beings have different concepts of family <3) and explaining to them, “You did a good job. You have secured the lands for the light so that I may walk the earth. You have been crying to go home for many centuries.  Where in this galaxy do you wish to live?”  And even though their man ego will want to clash with me, they will pause and reflect and say, “Where are you going?”  I used to say, “Back to Sirius A—divine mother.”  And they would desire to go back and relive their soul childhood with me.  Now that the shift has occurred, I will proclaim, “I am going to stay here on Gaia.  This was meant to be a paradise and sex and love and I have never had a ‘lifetime’ and would like to know it.”  And then they will now say back to me, “I want to stay on earth too.” And it is so beautiful to know that your psyche/soul does love me and I do cry with joy. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Dance Away Monsanto

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